Singles Say

Shooting from the Hip Flask

Chasing the Strawberry Moon

The kids and I needed a break...

Long Distance - Whatever That Means

Episode 1 - The Parting

Do I like long distance? I don’t know, do you?

Wait. What? I'm Single?

Stuff & Nonsense

I’m really good at helping people get rid of stuff.

Confessions of an Ex-Single

Kindred Singles

Not every single is looking for a date...

Shooting from the Hip Flask

Time Sucks

People say that as you get older, time passes more quickly...

Shooting from the Hip Flask

The Husband Question

So my daughter had to have some dental extractions...

Wait. What? I'm Single?

Prepare yourself. You might always be single.

When I was first going through my divorce...

Wait. What? I'm Single?

Getting to Know Me

This was not supposed to happen...

Tall, Dark and Digital

Student of Education

The best part about being a student is, well...

Shooting from the Hip Flask

What the Cluck?

When is a cock more like an asshole?...

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